We are Nancy & Nancy! I know, what a coincidence! We met on a random work-related situation 4 years ago. Since then, our relationship only grew stronger every time we had a project together. And it’s on every one of those times that we realize how much we had in common. Every time we met, given that we don’t live in the same country all year long, we catch up and found out more and more about our similar beliefs and mindset.

We have similar thinking but we have very different types of personality. I am pretty sure that this is what makes us a great team!

We had this retreats project for the last couple of years but, you know life happened! I guess the right timing was finally here this year and we dived in headfirst. Because with us, there’s really no other way of doing things! We both give everything we have and more to make an idea that we truly believe in becoming something unbelievable!

We are so grateful that this dream of us is now a real business and we will make sure to give all our heart and our devoted energy so you can come join us and live a moment that you will never forget.

Nancy & Nancy