Our Mission!

Monkey space Retreats Possesses different locations worldwide. Our premier goal is to invite others to connect with nature and mother earth. We feel blessed to be able to share all of this beauty with others who wish to join us on a spiritual journey. 

You are invited to come reconnect with your inner self at one of our retreats. These retreats are located on different venues, including a pure rustic chic Ranch surrounded with animals, A land with many upscale houses located on top of a green mountain in Costa Rica.

Depending on what you need at the moment, Monkey space retreats have an event designed just for you this year.

We consider all our land sacred place of spiritual practice designed to enliven the body, stimulate the mind, express emotion, and renew the spirit.

People from around the world are describing Monkey space Retreats like a powerfull transformative environment providing the magnificence of earth’s natural beauty. We are welcoming you to come leave it your stress and worries and live a true deep awareness and appreciation of life through compassion.

We are promoting self-love, peace, kindness and Contributing to the awakening of humanity!

Nancy & Nancy